Here you may take a look at Kendal's recent thoughts and writings on all things doggy, as well as letters and presentations that have already been made public.  Of prime importance to Kendal is the prevention of canine aggression, with all its current social, human health

 and canine welfare fall-out.  


Below you may also find  an article published in the Veterinary Record in 2015, using an anlogy with speed awareness courses, proposing the introduction of dog behaviour awareness courses as an intermediary for owners of dogs showing concerning behaviour, between the present 'black and white' situation of criminal prosecution on one hand, and doing nothing at all on the other. 


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Punishment v. negative reinforcement gra
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AWSELWA text re shock.pdf
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Investigation of dog attack incidents.pd
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Response to EFRA call for evidence on DD
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Teaching dog owners new tricks 1.pdf
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Teaching dog owners new tricks 2.pdf
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The tragic case of Lexi and Mulan.pdf
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