Owing to ongoing health problems as well as COVID 19, I'm sorry to say that I am now unable to carry out house call behaviour consultations. I am now offering video consultations instead. As before, I will need your dog's veterinary history. Once I have your details and those of your dog, I will  send you a behaviour questionnaire to be completed with details of the pet's routine and the problems you are experiencing. Once this is received, I will arrange a mutually convenient time for the initial consultation.


Current fees are £250 for the first consultation payable once consultation is arranged. £125 per subsequent consultation as required. All fees may be claimable on pet insurance.


Following the consultation/s, you will receive an email summary of the advice given which will also be sent to your vet.


Behaviour consultations

As a the first vet to be accredited as a certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist by ASAB (Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour) as well as a veterinary surgeon, Kendal is among the top echelon of peer and academically reviewed behaviourists in the UK.  For information regarding what to expect from behaviour counselling and therapy as well as the referral procedure and fees, please see information to be downloaded below.  Referring veterinary surgeons are invited to call 07877-939605 or e-mail kendal@kendalshepherd.com

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