Kendal qualified as a veterinary surgeon from Bristol University in 1978, and is certified as a Clinical Animal Behaviourist by the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour. 


Kendal is one of the UK's leading, independent veterinary and behavioural consultants in matters relating to animal welfare and canine behaviour assessment and modification.  Kendal accepts legal instructions in both dangerous dog and animal welfare cases and offers online behaviour consultations. Kendal has written and published two books on canine behaviour; 'The Canine Commandments,' and 'Demystifying Dog Behaviour for the Veterinarian,' as well as an educational resource for primary schools regarding dog bite prevention.


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 Kendal's new book, 'Demystifying Dog Behaviour for the Veterinarian' (and everyone else!), published by Taylor Francis, is now available.


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"This practical guide for busy veterinarians demystifies the apparently complex nature of canine behaviour while simultaneously emphasising its importance. Authored by acclaimed veterinary behaviour consultant Kendal Shepherd, the book provides practical knowledge of dog behaviour and an understanding of how to talk about it with clients. Shepherd shows how this can enhance the relationship between owner and pet and between dog and environment, including the vet surgery, as well as improve the vet’s own sense of fulfilment and enjoyment of practice.


From a discussion on the true nature of obedience to stressing the importance of behavioural indicators when assessing pain and mental welfare and finally by reminding vets of their obligations under Dangerous Dogs legislation, the emphasis is on the prevention of aggression throughout.  


Packed with anecdotes drawn from real-life cases, easy to read and understand, the principles explained can be effortlessly assimilated into the average consultation without the need for lengthy report-writing."


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Kendal also writes music in conjunction with her partner Rod Iliffe, and notable past works include 'A Requiem', 'The Song of St. Francis', 'Veni Creator Spiritus', 'Heloise', and 'Songs of the Passion', all with libretto by Kendal's brother in law, Ian Florance.  For further information, please click here


In addition, Kendal organises 'Singing Workshops on Skopelos' - an annual summer event which coincides with the Skopelos Music Festival. The 2nd Skopelos Music Festival ran from 16th to 22nd June 2014  with great success, with a Festival choir of 20 singers created from the preceding weekend singing workshops.  For information regarding the 2018 singing workshops on this wonderful Greek island, please click here