Seminars and Presentations

Kendal's particular areas of interest are those of:

  • The nature of the dog-human relationship and how it came about;
  • Canine aggression, its causes and how to prevent it;
  • Vet/medic co-operation in the investigation, treatment and prevention of dog bite incidents;
  • UK legislation as it applies to dogs, including its welfare implications;
  • The education of children in safe interaction with dogs;
  • The veterinary surgeon's role in preventing canine aggression.

For any enquiries regarding a presentation from Kendal on any of these subjects, please call 01832-733417 or e-mail 


2014 presentations included:


How do dogs arrive at their pack hierarchy and what does this tell us about dog training?

British Veterinary Forensics and Law Association meeting, 28th January 2014



Dog welfare and behaviour in long-term kennelling for Jerry Green Dogs East Yorkshire on 21st August 2014


How to assess risk in relation to dog behaviour and temperament, veterinary presentation in collaboration with ESCVE colleagues

Lisbon, Portugal 20th/21st and 27th/28th September 2014


Joint presentation with Chris Mannion, maxillo-facial surgeon, regarding

Vet/medic co-operation in investigation, treatment and prevention of dog bite incidents 

BVBA/APBC sattelite meeting to BVNA congress, Telford 9th October 2014


ESCVE, Munich 7th November 2014 with Chris Mannion

A One Health approach to Dog Bite Prevention


Dangerous dogs - culprits or victims? 

London Vet Show 21st November 2014, meeting chaired by Robin Hargrave, MRCVS


Recent 2015 presentations included:


What is needed to make progress in dog bite prevention

 The Kennel Club 26th January 2015  invited audience


Behaviour friendly veterinary practice

Why are dogs aggressive

Aggression case studies

Expert witness and dog bite investigation

Kosice, Slovakia Vet School Behaviour weekend, 28th and 28th March 2015


Assessing dogs for legal purposes

Harper Adams Unversity, 5th May 2015


Understanding and preventing dog bite incidents

YouGov briefing on 'Tackling Dangerous dogs' 12th May 2015


Human and canine welfare implications of dog bite incidents - a proposal for a One Health approach to prevention

National Dog Bite Prevention Conference, Lincoln University, 7th June 2015


Address to Anti Breed Specific Legislation rally, Westminster, July 11th 2015


2016 presentations


Nottingham Vet School CPD day - 9th March 2016

'Forensic canine behaviour - the veterinary responsibility'



DDA section from 'Demystifying Dog Behaviour for Veterinarians'
My experience of the Dangerous Dogs Act - why extending the breed ban to include XL Bullies may be an unmitigated disaster.
DDA section from book.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 224.1 KB
Table comparing bull breed standards
Table includes the UK Government XL Bully standard and illustrates how using breed standards to identify potential danger is an utter nonsense and always has been.
Table comparing bull breed standards.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 137.8 KB