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01. December 2022
The case of Winnie, a young Bulldog
The heartbreaking case of Winnie, a young Bulldog, who died due to severe defects associated with brachycephaly. When did it become normal for humans to breed dogs that need operations for them to breathe? And what will it take for that human behaviour to change?
13. January 2021
So we humans are at it again. In the biblical manner (as God gave use dominion over the animals, right?) we have selected dogs as the species of choice to be used for our own purposes. Needing something to cuddle and ‘love’ us when in enforced seclusion, purchasing ‘pandemic puppies’ has become all the rage. The price of such a puppy has soared in line with demand, as has puppy farming and puppy smuggling. Ignoring pleas from reputable organisations as well as individuals ‘to see a...
DDA section from 'Demystifying Dog Behaviour for Veterinarians'
My experience of the Dangerous Dogs Act - why extending the breed ban to include XL Bullies may be an unmitigated disaster.
DDA section from book.pdf
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Table comparing bull breed standards
Table includes the UK Government XL Bully standard and illustrates how using breed standards to identify potential danger is an utter nonsense and always has been.
Table comparing bull breed standards.pdf
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